India to eliminate unnecessary liability for suppliers

Nuclear Energy Insider

By K. Steiner-Dicks on Oct 30, 2013

India’s Department of Atomic Energy has decided to look into supplier concerns over excess liability so that it can eliminate “unnecessary liability”, in regards to aspects of the Nuclear Liability Act.

According to a news report by India news site, DNA, the DAE has formed two committees to find out a middle path on the controversial issue keeping in view the concerns of foreign companies and Indian Atomic Industrial Forum (IAIF), of which NPCIL and companies that manufacture components for nuclear power plants are a part.

Sources said the recommendations made by the committee could also help weed out “unnecessary liability” which may not be applicable to many suppliers. “There is ample degree of redundancy in the liability law, which cannot be applicable to all the suppliers. So this should be approached in a scientific and rational manner,” a top DAE official told PTI.

The committees will study the liability factor and take a more “scientific and rational” approach towards the issue, the official said.

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