Russia’s railway-based missile system may get radar protection

TASS | August 26, 2015

The railway-based system armed with Yars inter-continental ballistic missiles may enter duty in Russia in 2019

Garmon small-size radar

© ITAR-TASS/Stanislav Krasilnikov


ZHUKOVSKY /Moscow Region/, August 26. /TASS/. The Garmon small-size radar may be used to provide protection for the railway-based strategic ballistic missile complex, being recreated in Russia, the first deputy CEO of the radio-electronics concern KRET, Igor Nasenkov, told the media.

“The radar can be used to provide protection for the most sensitive mobile facilities, for instance, the railway-based strategic missile complex. The Defense Ministry declared the resumption of work on this complex just recently,” Nasenkov said.

Garmon is a batch-produced radar already being supplied to the Russian armed forces.

The railway-based complex armed with inter-continental ballistic missiles Yars may enter duty in 2019. The strategic missile force expects it will remain operational at least till 2040. Each train will carry six missiles and be equivalent to a regiment in status. Each division of Barguzin trains will consist of five regiments.

Russian Strategic Missile Forces: constantly on standby

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