Video reports Amsterdam meeting “Ukraine between East and West”

Because of the Dutch referendum on the EU Association Treaty with Ukraine (6 April 2016), the Dutch coalition “War is No Solution” (Oorlog is geen Oplossing) held the meeting “Ukraine between East and West” in the Amsterdam debate centre De Balie (20 March 2016).

It has been cut into five fragments with respectively the contributions by prof.dr. Nikolaj Petro of de University of Rhode Island (VS):

prof.dr. Richard Sakwa of the University of Kent (GB):

Andrej Hunko, member of Die Linke in the German parliament, the Bundestag:

Tiny Kox, member of the Dutch Socialist Party in the Dutch Senate (Eerste Kamer):

Stan van Houcke, an Amsterdam based journalist:

And a discussion with the audience:

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